Sunday, March 15, 2015

More Catch-up Oct 2014 to March 15 2015

With this new net access I can add some of last season and this season again - so while I can:
Swirley Snail:

Black Forest Gateaux: Autumn greed :)

Autumn Color in my hedge:
Tree Sculpture in the ISPCA garden
Ferns (just a very little sample of the myriad around at this time of the year)
Not a great mushroom year around here - it was pretty dry this year:
Then Came Hallow e'en

The Winter Fest with ornaments and living tree:

And luscious chocolatie deserts … again:

And red red flowers:

A late winter lake:
A February Sky:
February Sunset:
The swans had a good 2014 - hoping for another now in 2015:

A still cold day today, but the stove is warm and food on the way from local Chinese so here's to March and may the net connection keep going strong! Over and out.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Catch-up !!

No DAU since October 2014!!
Well, the internet connection has been rubbish and there's been a lot of other stuff - 'though no sheep these days, just their wool and spinning and dying and photography and and..
Seems a bit odd to put Christmas photos on now in March - 'though might do so anyway later, For now, photo of a little Snow Day - this week. It didn't stay long but was wuite a nice chance to use my New Camera …. Canon ESO 1200 DSL.. a very "cool" thing indeed.