Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer walks

Canal Walk

Barley Harbour

                    Look what he found!

Wish I could record the delicious scent along this path.

                            Successful duck family

A trip to Kinvarra

A hot day, a good day to drive over to Kinvarra in Co. Galway

A bit hot for the old boy

Then back to the fields

June and July 2016 - Fruit and Flowers

Spring two thousand and sixteen brought a LOT of rainfall and it didn't look like summer would ever really come - but of course it did.

                                                 Old Faithful in full bloom

                                         A blue sky - there were several - especially mid-July

Even boring old Potentilla looking good by the canal

A great season for soft fruits this year (apparently they appreciate loads of water in spring)

Plenty of fruit crumbles and Clafoutis and wrapped in the freezer and 
some sinful desert - Raspberry and Strawberry Pavlova - the queen pf
all deserts.