Sunday, February 10, 2013


February: cold, getting brighter, plenty of excuse for baking and other comfort foods
Some bulbs getting ready for spring - some not waiting but flowering already.

Rhubarb making a start.

Some sweeter bread, dough made in the great little bread-maker, for Devonshire Splits aka Cream Buns a great source of temptation in my youth.

With Raspberry Jam and Whipped bream and icing sugar on top..

On its way to my maw.. youm

Young Daffodil taken a week ago - opened out now.

Bigger Daffs near the gate - now, a week later, in bud.

A light powdering of snow at the beginning of February

Apple meringue Pie
Secrets: Very short-crust pastry e.g. 5 shortening to 7 plain flour plus a tbs of sugar, bake blind to avoid a soggy bottom. Stew apples with some sugar and a little cinnamon (not a big load of overpowering cinnamon, which would be sickening)then a good layer of meringue in a hot oven.

Saw  Spelt flour in the Supermarket so made some dough with it in the bread maker. I love the taste and consistence of this flour - this version is whole grain but very smooth.
Spelt is an older crop apparently than modern-day wheat. For some reason, when I tasted it I felt like "where have you been?".

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