Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lots of Late April growth

There's been a lot of warmth and sun but also some rain these past two weeks. The plants were so delayed this time last year but this year it is all vibrant which has the birds in full voice and many more insects on the wing.

Sour Cherry Blossom

Pear tree - might give some fruit this year despite its shape

A bit of cultivation in the paddock - now devoid of lambs

Lots of lush grass and plenty of dandelions

Primroses in the ditch

More blackthorne

Five-star dinner for lambs and cattle


Fresh leaves - Willow and Alder

Alders and wispy-cloud sky

Happy cattle

Apple blossom - and CD's to frighten the birds

Love-Lies-Beeding - again

A pot of Aubretia

A pottier of Rosemary

Herb triangle

Prunus (ah the scent!)

More Gorse

Pink blossoms by the canal

and, and, and...

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