Thursday, August 7, 2014

On walks around Ballymahon and more grub

Cultivated bed by canal

"News Stand"

Happy Potentilla on the canal bank

Salmon and Spagetti based on a recipe from
"Food for one, tow and more"

Cheats Cheese cake with cream and berries -
shop-bought "lemon cheesecake" (not much cream cheese in this)
then whipped cream and garden berries on top

The green woods

Ash Tree full of berries

Gino's Gnocchi

I've not liked any commercial gnocchi I've had so far so I decided to try some homemade a lá Gino D'Aeampo.
It made basically from riced boiled potatoes blended into a dough with flour and an egg.

My ricer finally worked well on the boiled potatoes (it failed with tomatoes etc)

Yes I do use a ruler as I can't decide what is 1.5 cm etc off the top of my head, so why not use a ruler?

Dough divided into 2 equal portions then rolled into a sausage then cut into pieced
(the size of the pieces is a matter of taste I'm told)


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