Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Looking Back at 2015 - some more

It's wet wet wet - soggy, muddy, cold now in February 2016, here in the midlands.
Looking back at photos from this time last year through spring, summer , autumn winter is somewhat consoling - we shall have them all again.
Until then...

 Blue pump, grey sky January 2015

Huddie in the woods in woods feb 2015

                                         "Let me in!"...frog at the font door feb. 2015

Moos our again

                                          Hello mini daffs

                                          Snowey March 2015

Young moos out 

Circles walls, hut in Moat

Woods light 

Hawthorne May 2015

Here are the herbs! 

                                           Pink Hawthorne is out

                                         Strawberry flowers - self-planted in the gravel

                                         Poisonous beauty - Laburnum

                                                       A little lettuce

                                                       Violas are loving it in their basket

Goosegobe and black currents on the way May 2015

                                       "Outside in " in September 2015 - pot and cut flowers

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