Saturday, August 13, 2016

August mini-harvest

This August has not been exactly warm and dry - rather mainly dull and drizzly.
However, there has still been plenty to take in from the garden.

I prefer to grab my little tomatoes while they are still green as there are plenty of cheap little red ones on sale (for now anyway) and I really like green tomato and apple chutney the best.

Here it is steralising in a pot of boiling water.

Strawberries and raspberries and blackcurrants and blackberries have been great but I am determined to grow Red Currents in my make-shift fruit cage. I have finally succeeded in getting just a few this year. The rotten saw flies got the leaves but I don't think that really affected the berries much. It's mainly the poor vigour of the bush in the first place - well maybe that will improve with time.
Anyway, I think I'm after them partly BECAUSE they are resisting my efforts as well as their lovely colour.

This has been a good pear year - so far anyway -(unless some winged assassin gets to them before me). 

                                         Plenty of mid-season spuds in the raised bed too.

Failed to keep up with the spinach so now it has got very big and coarse - will try to do something with it - well at least it should be a good addition to the compost bin.

These Nasturtiums have muscled in on the beds too. They are quite pretty and add to a salad too.

The climbing rose, Dance Du Feu shoots a nice one now and then. It is left to its own devices most of the time but seems to be gradually winning.


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