Monday, June 12, 2017

An early 2017 catch-up

The computer is back in action after some months of slower slower then hang hang.
It responded well to a restore and installing a backup from an earlier time.
Phew....backup a digital saviour!

Some photos taken over the spring and early summer here were lying about and I hope to string a few together to get a flavour of the year so far.

After a fairly mild start to the year came a gradually improving spring. March was rather gusty with intermittent rain then April was quite lovely 'though the low rainfall here meant we had to water the heavily blossomed apple trees frequently.

Then came a gorgeous period in May - but June has come with some nasty stormy weather. Despite this I think the fruiting and blossoming have been exceptionally this year so far.

A few photos to mark the times:

One of many good sunsets

An abundance of Hawthorne Flowers this year
The pink ones (not shown here as yet) also were very generous with their blossom.

 My Spinning hut behind an old apple tree

Spring lambs

That collie again!

Loud Buzzing from Laburnum Tree

Two of the many lovelies in the rescue


Another day goes to sleep.


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