Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Before 2017 ends - some recollections

2017 recall:

The Flowers, trees and shrubs stepped up this summer

As did the fruit

Early baby courgettes - eventually grew huge - and to my surprise still tasted good

One of the four apple trees seems to have its fruit attacked buy a moth

...........................but it later cleared and we got a huge crop of apples, eaters and cookers.

turned into some nice apple juice too

And apple foam:
There were plenty of striking sunsets

Some of the canines I walked during the summer and autumn this year.

And one of many felines liberated form and lab-cat breeder.

Attended an agricultural show in Tullamore - so of course I had to notice the craft stand the most:

The Old Ticket Office by the canal is stil standing

A knitted blanket for a new baby who enjoys a snooze:

A visit to Donegal ...love the seaweed and the stones 
among other things.

and a good lobster dinner. 

They moved into our seldom-used doghouse early this summer.

They accessed it through the little vent at the back, which I had failed to block with chickwire which is what I usually do.

They came and went through the hole in their thousands - and I became somewhat fascinated with them. I assumed they would die out towards the end of autumn - but NO, they went on and on well into the second week of December. Only after a very cold spell did they seem to die away and I plucked up the courage to look inside (or rather poke my camera inside).

There at the back hung their amazing hive:

We removed it later this month to find such a delicate powdery (yet somehow sinister) structure


I've kept this in a box in the garage for the moment - not really sure why!!

A very prim Connie:

She's looking forward to WolfTide!!

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